Visitors Group Leaders

Willing to organise an History Museum Tour for your family and friends ? FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US.

Information to Visitors Group Leaders :

  • The duration of the Magic Lantern Show & Museum Tour longs 1h to 2h in total (depending the format and number of participants).
  • The tour is done in French or English using the videoconferencing system Zoom.
  • Due to the important work involved we only organise this taylor made exhibition for groups of more than 5 Zoom connections.
  • A small volunteer contribution per connection is helping us to cover the costs.
  • Participation to the readings during the magic lantern show : we will provide you in advance (several weeks before the exhibition date) with a document containing sequences of slides with blank areas so that the families of your group can choose any sequence they like and prepare their own short readings (c. 20 sec for each slide). Each sequence is about a specific topic such as : the creation, Adam & Eve in Eden, life of Joseph, life of Moses, etc. You as the group leader will organise the distribution of the sequences to the families of your group.
  • No worries. We will assist you and we will work together.

Please contact us by filling the form below (you can copy/paste the text) :

  • Present yourself and your group.
  • What language will fit your needs (French or English).
  • Tell if you want someone from your group to translate French/English to another language for your group needs (ex: Spanish, German, etc).
  • What date and time slot will fit with you (Only on Sunday at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm or 6pm Paris, France Time).
  • Estimation of number of Zoom connections needed (between 5 minimum to 99 maximum).
  • Estimation of number of families willing to participate to the readings during the magic lantern exhibition.

Collectors, archivists, historians :

Willing to share your knowledge or collection ? 

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